Balanced Baby Provider Resource


Dr. Amir Singh at https://www.happyteethpa.com/

I have worked with Dr. Singh with shared families after frenotomy. He uses the up to date research to determine when a frenotomy is beneficial. He turns more families away explaining that a frenotomy is not warranted than any other pediatric dentist in the area. If I had a child in need of frenotomy they are who I would go to.


King Of Prussia Doulas – 610-564-1827


My partner and I used KoP Doula’s for our birth and post partum support. They listened to our needs and supported us when we needed a flexible provider in the post partum period. KoP doulas also works in teams. The birth of our first child involved telling our doula not to come to the birth because they communicated they were too tired and they didn’t have appropriate backup after being at another birth. With KoP doulas you have two people and meet both so a random backup doula doesn’t attend your birth.

Birth & Family Educators

Breastfeeding Resource Center – 215-886-2433


I teach infant massage at the BRC and the people are always welcome and attentive. They offer a number of classes from tummy time to breastfeeding support. Both virtual and in person options allow everyone to take something away. I’m happy to have them in my provider network.

Nicole Didizian – Mainline Family Education – nicole@mlfed.com


If you have a question Mainline Family Education probably has a class around. With support during the perinatal period as well as for babies who struggle with sleeping, eating, and everything in between, Nicole has a wonderful group of people supporting the education of parents as they go through the unique challenges every baby brings.

Brittany Sharpe McCollum – blossomingbelliesbirth@gmail.com

Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services

My partner and I wanted Brit as our doula but she doesn’t do much doula work anymore. A lovely person and an educator that relies on the research they support families in multiple ways. When we had concerns she was always there to listen. A provider that isn’t just about what to do but also provides the emotional support that is needed during and around birth.

Lactation Providers

Collette Acker – Colette@brc4babies.com


The BRC is the place to go when you have initial breastfeeding needs. Able to see you in a timely manner and point you in the right direction for care they support many new moms in the Abington and surrounding area.