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Little ones, big results

Helping Families:

  • When bottle and breastfeeding challenges arise
  • When they are considering frenotomy
  • Pre and post frenotomy/frenectomy treatment
  • With reduced motion such as Torticollis
  • Reduce the need for a helmet due to flat spots
  • Respond to infant discomfort
  • Help babies move efficiently and developmentally when their are stiff
  • Work through uncomfortable reflux/vomitting
  • Support babies to sleep on their back
  • Babies develop their gross motor skills in the first year
  • During postpartum recovery
  • With common painful orthopedic issues during the peripartum period
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    How it’s done:

    The Equilibrium Method

    • Holistic and family systems thinking
    • Minimal and easy to implement baby and parent led interventions
    • Uses parent and babies unique profiles and strengths.
    • Utilization of empirically supported techniques including manual therapy, mobilization, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and exercise science.
    • Safe, consistent, effective, and consensual care.
    • Learn more about the Equilibrium Method

    What Parents Have Said About Balanced Baby:

    Jessica Hannan
    Amazing. Effective, efficient, calming, helpful, knowledgeable.
    Amy M. M.
    Very knowledgeable and caring
    Elspeth Everhart
    Came away from class with great strategies to help baby relax and work through gas. Gained confidence and knowledge as well.
    Kathryn Fransen
    Dr. Nichols is wonderful. I highly recommend him! He helped me with my newborn who was struggling with nursing and bottle feeding. He did a great job of explaining what he was doing and why he recommended certain exercises/activities. He truly understands that such situations can be overwhelming and he knows exhausted parents don't have hours each day to do 20 exercises. He focuses on what is most important to see the progress you need for your little one and he keeps it as simple as possible. Dr. Nichols gave our family great support and I cannot recommend him enough!
    Abrar Al-Shaer
    Bryan is a highly experienced PT with a very in depth knowledge of mechanics and inner workings of the body’s musculoskeletal system. He was a god-send for my husband and I and will forever be thankful for all his help.
    Anna Machovec
    Baby and I loved Dr Bryan! We went in for some torticollis (that led to a flat spot) that was diagnosed at baby’s 4 month appointment. We went to a few sessions with Dr Bryan, who helped loosen up baby’s neck - not to mention the helpful advice and practices we could do at home with baby. Baby has now avoided a helmet because of these sessions!
    Katie Jay
    Bryan was so helpful in loosening up our little guy post-frenectomy. It was also so convenient that he was able to come directly to our home for each session. Our baby is feeding much better, following these treatments!
    Heather Milbar
    I would highly recommend working with Bryan. He was very professional, kind, and helpful and clearly has an impressive understanding of newborn/infant musculature, reflexes, and development. He provided exercises and massages to improve our baby's flexibility and nursing ability. I would definitely call him/work with him again!

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