Providing thoughtful data driven care to support a regulated, relaxed, & empowered birther and baby

The Equilibrium Method

  • Holistic and systemic thinking over narrow symptom focus.
  • Person led, with the belief that our bodies naturally find balance and ease when given the right supports
  • Individualized treatments that builds from each individuals unique profile and strengths.
  • Integrating facets of numerous empirically supported techniques including manual therapy, mobilization, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and exercise science.
  • Safe, consistent, effective, and consensual care.
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Heather Milbar

Heather Milbar

18 days ago
I would highly recommend working with Bryan. He was very professional, kind, and helpful and clearly has an impressive understanding of newborn/infant musculature, reflexes, and development. He provided exercises and massages to improve our baby’s flexibility and nursing ability. I would definitely call him/work with him again!
Jenna Vento

Jenna Vento

2 months ago
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Nichols! He worked with our daughter pre and post tongue/lip tie release. He is knowledgeable, kind, and draws from both his personal and professional experience with tethered tissues. He saved our breastfeeding journey. Our daughter is now a year old and is thriving – still breastfeeding, eating solids, talking, walking, getting into trouble – and we have Dr Nichols to thank!
Darcy DiGiacomo

Darcy DiGiacomo

3 months ago
Dr. Bryan was very helpful and kind. His insights went beyond physical therapy. We also found the option for home visits particularly helpful, especially with a newborn. We highly recommend Dr. Bryan!

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