Online & In Person Infant Massage Training

An opportunity to connect, nurture, and relax with your baby!

Infant Massage Supports Connection, Development, & Comfort

Promotes social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Decreases irritability, promotes sleep, and strengthens internal regulation.

Parents learn infant cues, enhances the emotional ties, and improves confidence in handling.

The Right Technique For The Moment

Choosing the right technique for your babies mood can optimize the response.

Learn what type of strokes are stimulating and which are relaxing.

Be able to work on the area that needs it most.

Offering In Person Training With The Breastfeeding Resource Center As Well As Virtual Private Lessons

Tailor the massage to your little one and what they enjoy.

Get the most out of massage and the touch you provide your little one.

Provide relaxing and stimulating techniques to help your little one in any mood.

Combine with online videos for a complete massage training experience.

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