Frequently Asked Questions




Where are you located?

My office is located at 5 Park Ave, Oreland PA 19075

I also provide home visits in Montgomery and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania for an additional fee.

How are you handling COVID?

I am fully vaccinated, boosted, and wear an N95 mask at all sessions. My Oreland office has a HEPA air filter as well. All family members are asked to be masked. Additionally I rapid test if myself or anyone I have contact with has symptoms associated with Covid to insure safety for everyone.


When does bodywork benefit babies?
  • Seem uncomfortable laying or sleeping on their back
  • Struggle with breast or bottle feeding or if nursing causes pain
  • Sleep for less than 1 hour consistently
  • Always clench their hands or feet
  • Resist extending their head or lifting their shoulders
  • Hate the car seat and/or stroller
  • Have a tongue-tie
  • Vomit on you after every feed
  • Appear tight or tense


PT, OT, Speech? What's the difference?

PT supports the whole body, movement development, and jaw function

OT supports the whole body through sensory engagement

Speech supports oral motion and strength


How much does it cost?

My pricing is based on time. To make sure every patients need is met I tailor the session using the Equilibrium Method to have the biggest impact. A 40 minute session is 145 which provides enough time to utilize developmental support, specific exercises, and manual techniques. I do provide both shorter and longer sessions when that works best as well as offer payment plans to make sure everyone can get the care they need.


Do you take insurance?

I have decided not to take insurance. This is due to my previous workplace sending bills 100s to 1000s of dollars months after treatment ended due to insurance deductible not being met.

I do provide documentation for families to submit to their insurance upon request. This would fall under your out of network benefits. If you are curious about reimbursement I can provide my insurance benefits cheat sheet upon request. 

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